How to Reheat Sandwich in 3 Effective Ways

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What can you do with a sandwich? There are so many possibilities. You could eat it right away, save it for later, or even freeze it to enjoy at a later time. We all know that a sandwich is a great meal idea because they’re quick and easy to make. So what do you need to do to reheat one of your sandwiches?

I put down this post to teach you how to reheat a sandwich in ways that will help keep it tasting fresh while ensuring the bread doesn’t get soggy. Hang in till the end to discover some genius sandwich storage and freezing tips.

Can You Reheat a Sandwich? If so, How?

Yes, you can reheat a sandwich.

Depending on the time you have and equipment, there are 3 practical ways to reheat the sandwich. The best thing is that you don’t have to possess Harvard culinary skills or master anything at all—it is straightforward!

The following are the 3 ways to reheat a sandwich:

1. Reheat a Sandwich in The Oven

The oven is arguably the best appliance for reheating that leftover sandwich. If you want it as close as it was when fresh, let the conventional oven pump some life into your sandwich.


Step-1: Set the oven to 325-degrees F.

Step-2: Place the sandwich in the middle of an aluminum foil and wrap the latter around, leaving all the sandwich sides covered.

Step-3: After the oven has preheated, place the wrapped sandwich inside and let it bake for 15 – 20 minutes.

Step-4: After 20 minutes, remove the sandwich and peel the foil back to test if the sandwich is well heated. If not, wrap it up again and reheat for 3-5 minutes, depending on how hot you want it.

Step-5: When done, unwrap the package and enjoy your rejuvenated sandwich.

The advantage of using the oven is that the aluminum foil helps heat the sandwich uniformly and locks the moisture in, preventing the butty from drying out.

However, the steps involved, though simple, are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people find it tedious and consuming, but there is no better way to reheat a sandwich.

2. Reheat a Sandwich in The Microwave

One thing about the microwave is how fast it can get things heated up, especially in the busy 21st century. You can try reheating your sandwich this way in a few minutes.


Step-1: Wrap the sandwich in a kitchen paper towel so that no surface remains exposed.

Step-2: Put the sandwich in a microwavable dish. Cook for 2 minutes, on high power setting.

Step-3: Stop to check if the sandwich is hot enough. If not, heat further for 30 seconds.

Step-4: Remove the sandwich from the microwave, unwrap the paper towel, and sere as you please.

The purpose of wrapping the sandwich in an absorbent kitchen towel is to allow any moisture to soak up, preventing the sandwich from turning soggy.

Avoid using plastic wrap in place of the paper towel. The moisture will instead get trapped and soak into the sandwich, making it a mess.

3. Reheat a Sandwich in a Toaster Oven

One of the reasons people love their sandwich makers is that they can be used in so many ways. You can use a sandwich maker to toast a cold or frozen sandwich, too, thanks to the efficient air circulation.


Step-1: Set the oven temperature to 350-degrees F, and turn it on to preheat.

Step-2: Put the sandwich over a baking sheet and then place an aluminum foil over the sandwich.

Step-3: Put them all in the toaster oven. Let heat for 5 minutes.

Step-4: Flip the sandwich, cover it again, and heat for three more minutes or longer depending on how hot you want it.

Step-5: Let the sandwich sit for a few seconds before serving. Enjoy.

Although the toaster oven is faster than the conventional oven, it’s easier to burn your food when reheating. Always stop midway to check if the food is sufficiently hot.

How to Reheat a Subway Sandwich

If you’re a Subway lover, then this trick is for you. We may call them tricks since there are a couple of reheating methods, all with varying results. Here are the ways to perform these tricks with satisfactory results:

Reheat a Subway Sandwich in The Oven

So, you are at the deli, buying that 12-inch plus Philly cheesesteak, but you ain’t sure if you can devour it all in one sitting–! Well, there are several ways to reheat it, but you are afraid if it’s going to taste stale the next day–don’t fret; your oven is the fail-proof method to enjoy that sandwich hours after purchase. Here’s how:


Step-1: Bring the oven to a temperature of 350-degrees F.

Step-2: Put the sandwich over a sheet pan and place it over one of the racks.

Step-3: Let the sandwich heat up for 10 minutes. If there are as many veggies as the bread in your sandwich, heat for no more than 5 minutes.

Step-4: Stop occasionally to test how hot the sandwich is. If not hot enough, heat in splits of 2 minutes until it’s as you like.

Step-5: Once done, let it cool for 15-30 seconds, then serve.

The oven does an excellent job in ensuring the bread doesn’t turn soggy while giving the cheese enough time to melt and taste great, again.

Reheat a Subway Sandwich in The Microwave

As with all other foods, the microwave is the quickest and easiest to use, but it doesn’t always yield the best results. However, you can get your sub sandwich ready to eat in a few minutes.


Step-1: Wrap the sandwich in a paper towel or serviette, leaving no exposed parts.

Step-2: Place the wrapped sandwich in a microwavable dish and put everything in the microwave.

Step-3: Set the power level to high and microwave for one and half minutes.

Step-4: Check if the sandwich is as hot as you want; if not, heat again for an extra 20 seconds.

Step-5: When ready, remove the sandwich, unwrap the serviette and enjoy.

This method’s most significant challenge is the veggies turning soggy and the bread becoming uncomfortably dry.

This is why you should always wrap the sandwich in a paper towel to abord the oozing juices and trap steam to keep the bread moist.

You should also avoid letting the microwave run for too long with your sub sandwich inside. Instead, microwave in shorter bursts, of say 20 seconds, stopping each time to check how done the sandwich is.

Reheating a Subway Sandwich in an Air Fryer

Air fryers are quickly taking over the world, and why not? They’re healthier than deep-frying but can reheat your sandwich just as well, without messing with the texture and taste of the sandwich.


Step-1: Place the sandwich in the fryer basket

Step-2: Take off the top section and set the heat to medium

Step-3: Cook the sandwich for 5 minutes

Step-4: Press a butter knife into the sandwich to test how hot it has become.

Step-5: If the middle is war, replace the fryer’s top part and cook again for half a minute.

Step-6: Turn off the heat, remove the sandwich and serve.

The air fryer is as fast as a microwave, but it does an overall better job.

You must not cover the fryer for the first round of reheating to avert a steep temperature difference between the inner and outer sections.

Reheat a Subway Sandwich Over a Skillet or Pan

Skillets and pans are the traditional methods of reheating your sandwich, but it’s time to add a twist. The pan can reheat the sandwich, but you need to turn it into a somewhat panini grill.


Step-1: Place your Subway sandwich over a medium-heated skillet, coated with a non-stick spray. Leave the sandwich bag on.

Step-2: Use a panini press to add pressure on top of the sandwich.

Step-3: Cook for 30 seconds and flip over to heat the other side.

Step-4: Cook for 30 more seconds, and check if the bread is as crisp as required.

Step-5: Turn the heat off and enjoy your sandwich.

Ideally, the trick to reheating your sandwich is to do so with the bag still on or wrap the sandwich in aluminum foil. This way, moisture is trapped within, allowing the bread to heat up before it crisps up.

Reheat a Subway Sandwich in a Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens are small but mighty. They work great for reheating your subway sandwich and help you save energy by using a single tray.


Step-1: Set the oven to 350 ℉ (180 ° C).

Step-2: Place your sandwich inside, over a baking sheet.

Step-3: Place a paper or aluminum foil over the snack and let it cook for 5 minutes.

Step-4: Flip the sandwich to heat the other side for 3-4 minutes and check if it’s hot enough.

Step-5: Power down the toaster oven, take out the subway sandwich, and enjoy.

How to Reheat a Reuben Sandwich

The Reuben is a delicious sandwich, but its sauerkraut and dressing make it one of the most challenging sandwiches to reheat.

A Reuben is best reheated in a conventional oven or a toaster oven. A microwave will not reheat and preserve the great Swiss cheese and sauerkraut.


  • Step-1: Wrap the sandwich in aluminum foil and cook at 325 degrees Fahrenheit over a roaster tray for ten minutes.
  • Step-2: Stop to check if it’s done– if not, cook further for 5 minutes.
  • Once hot enough, unwrap the foil and enjoy the treat.

How to Reheat Popeye Chicken Sandwich

The Popeye chicken sandwich is a delicious southern delicacy that deserves to be enjoyed.

However, the mayo and dressing used on the sandwich make it difficult to reheat and become soggy.

Instead of popping your Popeye chicken sandwich into an oven or a microwave as a whole hoagie, separating the chicken from the bun and separately cooking them is a better way to do it.

Reheat Popeye Chicken Sandwich in The Oven

Of the two methods, this is the most ideal.


Step-1: Take the sandwich apart so that the bread, pickle, and chicken are all divided. Also, scrape off all the sauce.

Step-2: Cover a pan or skillet with grease and toast the bread over it. If you have a toaster oven, use it for this.

Step-3: Set the oven to 350 ℉ (180 ° C), .and place the chicken inside for 100 -150 seconds.

Step-4: Leave the pickle unheated.

Step-5: Once everything is ready, put everything back to make a nice Popeye sandwich, and enjoy.

If you do not have a pan/skillet or a toaster oven, you can still do everything in the conventional oven, only that it’ll take you longer. Simply wrap the sandwich in wax paper or foil and bake in the oven at 350-degrees F for 15 minutes.

Reheat Popeye Chicken Sandwich in a Microwave

Although a lesser popular method, the microwave heats the sandwich in less than 5 minutes.


Step-1: Take the sandwich apart, putting the three parts separately.

Step-2: Heat the bread over a greased skillet until it turns crisp. This should revive the bread’s freshness.

Step-3: Heat the chicken in the microwave set to high power for 1.5 minutes. Flip it over and heat again for 1 minute.

Step-4: Leave the pickle unheated.

Step-5: Put all the parts together and enjoy your reheated and fresh Popeye chicken sandwich

Tips for Storing a Sandwich

Storing a sandwich is essential to maintaining its freshness and taste, but pulling this off with pickles or other soggy ingredients can be complicated. Below are some tips for storing a sandwich:


-When storing your sandwich, keep the bread and condiments separate. This way, it won’t get soggy when stored.

-Wrap your sandwich with aluminum foil or wax paper. This will prevent any juices from escaping and dripping onto other foods, as well as keep the sandwich fresh. Alternatively, you can place the sandwich in an airtight container.

-Keep your sandwiches in a bag or container that will allow them to breathe and prevent fogginess let, but not let it dry out.

-If you do not plan on eating your sandwich immediately, keep it in the fridge and heat it up when ready to eat.

-If you have to freeze the sandwich, apply a layer of butter over the bread, and then add the fillings. This way, the bread won’t get soggy when it is defrosted.

-When freezing a sandwich, leave out tomatoes and lettuce. These two ingredients will become slimy when frozen.

-If the sandwich is not placed in a rigid container, do not place other things on top of it; otherwise, it will get squished.

Can You Freeze Grilled Cheese Sandwiches? If so, How?

Yes, you can freeze grilled cheese sandwiches.


Step-1: Place the whole (assembled) cheese sandwich in a plastic bag and squeeze out the air.

Step-2: Seal the bag and append a date label on it.

Step-3: If you have several sandwiches, repeat the same for each.

Step-4: Arrange the bagged sandwiches over a baking tray and put them in your freezer for 1 hour. By this time, they should feel firm to touch.

Step-5: Transfer all the sandwiches into a bigger Ziploc freezer bag, and again, squeeze out the excess air before applying a seal.

Step-6: You can store your sandwiches for up to 3 months while frozen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to reheat a sandwich without the bread getting soggy?

Yes, but not by conventional methods. You can try toasting the bread, but if this is not an option, you can still reheat your sandwich without getting it soggy by first deconstructing it and heating the individual parts separately.

Q. Can you reheat a sandwich with mayo in it?

Yes, but preferably in a toaster oven or conventional oven. You can also try microwaving the sandwich with mayo, though it’s very likely to get split.

Q. Can you freeze sandwiches with lettuce?

Yes, but don’t expect it to taste as good when defrosted.


The sandwich is a lunchtime staple. Whether you’re looking for something to hold your hunger at bay until dinner, or if it’s the only thing you have on hand and need to eat, some tricks can help make reheating more manageable. The above methods of reheating different sandwiches are a sure way to enjoy a leftover snack as if it was fresh.

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