How to Reheat popcorn in 2 Effective Ways

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The taste of freshly popped popcorn is hard to beat. When it’s incredibly fluffy, crunchy, and warm, finishing off an entire bowl feels simple.

Popcorn, on the other hand, tends to go stale rapidly. Rather than throwing it out and beginning again, there’s a quick and easy technique to revive the leftovers and make them taste as good as new.

But, more crucially, how should popcorn be reheated? This delicious dish can be reheated in several different ways. These ways are not limited to using an oven and a microwave.

Today, I’ll show you how to warm up your tasty and mouth-watering popcorn using the proper procedures from the methods above.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Can you reheat popcorn? If so, how?

Yes, you can reheat popcorn.

 But the best practice is to consume them while still fresh. However, when popcorn is adequately reheated, it retains the same crispiness after reheating.

Tossing leftover popcorn in the oven to warm and crisp is the quickest way to revive it. On a baking sheet, spread your popcorn uniformly and then set your oven to broil function (250 degrees Fahrenheit) and cook for 5 minutes. Besides, you may use a microwave to reheat your popcorns.

Here are the 2 effective ways to reheat your popcorns illustrated step by step.


Reheat popcorn in a microwave

Microwaving popcorn is the most accessible and most convenient technique of reheating it.


  1. In a microwave dish, place your popcorn.
  2. On top of the dish, cover it with a moist paper towel or plastic wrap to retain moisture.
  3. Set your microwave’s heat level to medium
  4. Nuke for 30 seconds.
  5. After the elapses, take the dish out and stir.
  6. Cook for a total of 15 seconds more.
  7. Serve and enjoy immediately with a cold drink.

Allowing the popcorn to overheat will cause it to become rigid.

Pros: It’s quick and easy, and the popcorn can be reheated in seconds.

Reheat popcorn in an oven

It is the best method to reheat your popcorn. The oven’s dry heat restores the crispiness. If done correctly, it results in mouth-watering popcorns. However, this method takes more time compared to a microwave.


  1. To begin, preheat the oven to 300°F.
  2. Lay your popcorn on an oven-safe dish and spread them evenly.
  3. On top of the dish, cover it with a moist paper towel or plastic wrap to retain moisture.
  4. Additionally, you may add some cooking oil or butter drops to the dish.
  5. Put the safe dish in the oven and cook for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Flip the dish halfway to the cooking time to ensure it cooks on the other side.
  7. Cook the dish for 5 more minutes
  8. After the snack has been cooked, take it off the oven.
  9. Serve with a cool drink.

Seasoning the popcorn is a nice touch if you want to go all out. Sprinkle cheese, cinnamon, and other ingredients on top to give the popcorn that extra flavor.

Pros: The popcorn reheats perfectly in the oven, giving you more options with the snack.

Cons: It takes more time for the popcorn to warm up, which is slower than using the microwave.

Reheat popcorn using a professional popcorn warmer.

You may still use a professional popcorn warmer other than the two methods.

If you want to buy one, seek online or in a vending supply store for a popcorn display case with a warming lamp. Hire one from a party and event rental company if you only need one for a short time.


  1. Plugin the machine into an electric power source.
  2. Turn the heat lamp on for the heating case.
  3. Carefully put your popcorn into the heating case
  4. Serve it immediately when you are ready to enjoy your popcorn.

How to reheat popcorn chicken?

Reheating popcorn Chicken is the most delicious way to eat crunchy chicken, and it’s created using pantry staples. Popcorn is better served as an appetizer or as a fun snack. It can be filled with other ingredients such as mashed potatoes and salads, and it will be so crunchy and delicious.

Here are the 3 ways to reheat popcorn chicken

Reheat popcorn chicken in a microwave.

If you reheat the popcorn chicken in the microwave, it won’t be as crispy, but it will still be tasty.


  1. Remove the popcorn chicken and thaw it on the shelf.
  2. Place your chicken in a microwave-safe dish.
  3. By use of a paper towel, wrap the chicken.
  4. Put the dish inside the microwave and ensure it’s free from burning.
  5. Heat the popcorn chicken in the microwave for about 2 minutes on medium-high.
  6. Remove the chicken from the microwave and check whether it has been adequately reheated. If not, add another minute and cook your chicken without drying it out.
  7. Once cooked, set aside the dish for some minutes to cool.
  8. Serve up your reheated chicken and enjoy.

Reheat popcorn chicken in an air fryer

For reheating popcorn chicken, this is the most efficient and time-saving way. This method should be the one you try today if you appreciate a crispy chicken crust as much as I do.


  1. Remove the popcorn chicken and thaw it on the shelf for one hour.
  2. Set your air fryer and reheat it to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. With the aid of the air fryer’s basket, place your chicken.
  3. Nuke your chicken for 4-6 minutes.
  4. Check to see if your chicken has warmed to your liking after turning off the fryer. If not, cook for another two minutes and then nuke your snack without making it dry.
  5. Once cooked, set aside the dish for some minutes to cool.
  6. Serve and enjoy immediately.

Reheat popcorn chicken in an oven

Reheating chicken in the oven takes longer. However, it still provides excellent chicken with good texture even after reheating. It’s the most pleasing way to crisp up the hard chicken when it’s reheated.


  1. Remove the popcorn chicken and thaw it on the shelf for one hour.
  2. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Wrap the chicken with paper foil and place them on a baking sheet.
  4. Using the top rack, place the baking sheet in the oven.
  5. Cook them for 10 minutes.
  6. Check to see if the chicken is warm after 10 minutes.
  7. If not warm, nuke for another 5 minutes.
  8. Serve and enjoy.

How to reheat popcorn kernels?

Either you make your popcorn in an oven or a microwave, not all kernels will pop up. The main reason is that the grains didn’t have enough moisture to pop. Other reasons could be an uneven distribution of heat or limited time to pop all the kernels.

Despite all these factors, don’t throw away your unpopped kernels. You can re-pop them in a microwave.


  1. Remove the uncooked kernels from the pan and place them in a bowl.
  2. Clean and wipe any salt, oil, or butter on the grains using a damp towel.
  3. Alternatively, sieve the grains and rinse them under cold running water in a strainer.
  4. Use a dry paper towel or a fabric to dry the grains.
  5. Put the dried grains in a paper sack.
  6. Fold the top of the bag several times.
  7. Put the sack in the microwave and cook for 2-3 minutes while carefully listening to the popping.
  8. Once done, pour the popcorns into a dish.

If you encounter any un-popped kernels, throw them away.

How to keep popcorn warm?

You could warm the popcorn in a professional popcorn warmer.

It’s an excellent technique to keep your popcorn warm for an extended period. Popcorn warmers keep churros warm and tasty without preheating them.

You can still use an oven at low heat at 200 degrees Fahrenheit to warm your popcorn.

The heat popcorn warmer is not expensive, and you can have warm popcorn as soon as you want them without the hassle.

Can you freeze popcorn? If so, how?

Yes, you can freeze popcorn.

The best about freezing popcorn is that you won’t get stale popcorn when you take it out of the freezer. Moreover, you require little time to reheat your popcorn.

To bring your popcorn back to life after freezing, you don’t need to defrost them for reheating.


  1. Have some heavy-duty freezer bags and place your popcorn.
  2. Alternatively, you can use plastic containers, but your storage method is airtight.
  3. Seal the bags tightly. It is done to prevent air from reaching the popcorn. It also contains the popcorn from becoming stale.
  4. Label the packaging date to keep track of time.
  5. Place your popcorn container in the freezer.

The life span of frozen popcorn is 3 months.

If your popcorn is homemade and you plan to have some leftovers, don’t season want you to prepare to freeze. However, if you have already seasoned your popcorn, it will not hurt anything to go ahead and freeze your popcorn.

You can consume your popcorn right out of the refrigerator or reheat it.

How to store popcorn

Before I discuss how to store popcorn, let me first look at the proper popcorn storage procedures.

Proper popcorn storage procedures

Popcorn that is either cooked or covered with butter is easy to store.

You may either store it at room temperature in the fridge or a freezer as well.

The above storage methods vary with the type of popcorn and the seasons added. If your popcorn is store-bought, pay attention to the instructions attached to the popcorn packet before storage.

Here are the 3 methods to store popcorn.

Storing popcorn at room temperature.

The primary reason for storing popcorn is to avoid drying out and going bad.

Refrigeration can dry out the popcorn at room temperature, so it’s not the best option.


  1. Place the popcorn in airtight containers.
  2. Alternatively, you may use sealable storage bags.
  3. Seal the containers tightly to prevent drying.
  4. Don’t leave the containers in a dark place. Put them on an open counter.
  5. Store the containers.

The shelf of the popcorn in the containers is 2 weeks.

Storing popcorn in the fridge.

The fridge is not the best option to store popcorn. It makes popcorn dry and tastes stale. However, you may still use it to preserve your popcorn.


  1. Place the popcorn into storage bags.
  2. Alternatively, you may use airtight containers with sealable lids.
  3. Seal the containers tightly.
  4. Place the containers in the refrigerator’s coldest section.

A precaution should be observed not to place the containers near the fun of the refrigerator.

Getting the containers close to the light is a great option.

The shelf life of refrigerated popcorn is 2weeks.

Storing popcorn in the freezer

Frozen popcorn has got a life span of 2 months.


  1. Have some heavy-duty freezer bags and place your popcorn.
  2. Alternatively, you can use a plastic container, but your storage method is airtight.
  3. Seal the bags tightly. It is done to prevent air from reaching the popcorn. It also contains the popcorn from becoming stale.
  4. To keep track of time, write the date on the container.
  5. Place your popcorn container in the freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between yellow and white popcorn kernels?

The main difference is that of color. The white kernel’s outer shell is thinner than the yellow kernel’s.

If you are a popcorn connoisseur, you will notice the two have different flavors and tastes.

  • Can I use any oil for reheating popcorn?

Yes, but the key to getting crispy popcorn is using oil with high smoke content.

Both vegetable and coconut oil will always produce good results.

  • Is popcorn healthy?

Popcorn is healthy. It is low in calories which makes it a great snack. The only health concern about popcorn is the additives that are added. They may bring future health complications as a result of heavy intake.


You now have elegant knowledge on the most acceptable ways to reheat your popcorn from the above conversations. I’ve further expanded on the benefits and drawbacks. Even further, you know how to store your snack without making the taste and flavor suffer.

I hope you loved it and, more importantly, that you shared it with your friends and family.

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