Do Cats Like Strawberries?

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Cats are graceful creatures that everyone should love. Humans love strawberries as snacks or in their dishes, but do cats like strawberries? This question is quite popular with cat lovers, and there’s a good reason behind it. No pet parent would want to endanger their precious kitties anyway.

So, yes! Cats like strawberries. You will find them pouncing that bowl of strawberries on your kitchen counters. The fruits cause no harm to them, but you should give them to your cat in moderation. So let us understand more about why cats like strawberries.

Why do cats like Strawberries?

Cats might not enjoy the same nutritional value from strawberries as humans do. They have minimal benefits to these feline beings when compared to the benefits humans boast of. That doesn’t stop cats from loving them, no! so why do they love strawberries?

The sweet taste

Some cats love sweet treats. And with the strawberries sweetness, you bet a cat won’t resist one sitting on your plate, especially if it has some additional sweetener into it. Cats also associate strawberries as treats to make them feel special, and upon feeding them once, there’s a high probability that it will not turn back.

Give them a good feeling.

Apart from the taste, strawberries give cats a burst of energy and a feel-good feeling.

They are fun

Cats love playing around with objects. The strawberries’ ball-like appearance and their small size excite them. The fruit easily fits into their mouths and paws, and that is quite entertaining to them. We can’t also forget how these tiny creatures love stealing little objects!


Whereas cats might not react well to some smells, especially citrus fruits, they certainly love the sweet aroma of strawberries.

High feeling

Many people believe that strawberries have the same effect as catnip in cats; a high feeling. Cat owners have associated the cat’s behavior after eating strawberries as the same as that of catnip. However, the feeling is mainly triggered by cats eating the strawberry leaves, not the strawberry itself.

Are strawberries bad for cats?

Strawberries are packed with vitamin C, folate, and potassium. However, cats do not need vitamin C from the outside as they can produce enough of it. Potassium helps improve muscle activity and improve the nervous system in cats. Folate, on the other side, metabolizes proteins and aid in cell building.

So, strawberries are good for your cats. They, however, do not need strawberries if they are on supplements that have the same benefit as them. Strawberries should be given to cats in moderation as an excess of them might cause health problems.

Strawberries contain sugars, and large amounts of them in cats’ diets might lead to obesity and diabetes in cats. The sugars also affect the cats’ oral health. A strawberry diet might not be necessary, but you can give a piece or two occasionally. Note that strawberry fruit is safe to eat, but the plant isn’t.

On top of that, strawberries might contain pesticides. There might have been no reports on pesticide contamination on cats, but limiting the cats’ intake is wise. Imagine what would happen if your cat consumed a large portion of contaminated strawberries.

Can cats eat strawberry leaves?

Strawberry leaves are not toxic to cats, just like the fruit itself. However, strawberry leaves are attached to thick stems and hence jagged and, once ingested, brings about gastrointestinal problems in a cats’ sensitive stomach.

The smell from the leaves might be pretty pleasant to your cat, which is quite tempting. So ensure you first remove the leaves before sharing the strawberry with your cat. Some cats also experience allergic reactions when they get into contact with strawberry leaves.

Cats love food that is made from strawberry.

If your cat loves strawberries so much that it can’t resist the temptation of getting some, then it is best to contact the vet on the way forward. And since strawberries lack an actual nutritional value, it would be best to buy cat food with a strawberry flavor.

That way, you ensure that your cat gets the nutritional value essential for its development while still enjoying the strawberry flavor. Also, not all cats love strawberry flavors and so if your cat stares at the food spiked with some strawberry flavor, then leave it. You cannot force your cat to eat food it won’t enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Can cats eat strawberry ice cream?

Ice cream made with strawberries is non-toxic to your cat. So you can prepare special ice cream for your cat once in a while. Picky cats might not be into the ice cream but understand that they are safe to be eaten by cats.

Are strawberries poisonous to cats?

No! strawberries aren’t poisonous to your cat. It is only recommended you feed them in small portions so that the cat’s health is not affected.

Can cats eat strawberry yogurt?

Yes! Just like strawberry fruits are safe for cats, so is strawberry yogurt. So you can give your cat a spoon or two. However, dairy products have been found to cause stomach upsets as cats’ enzymes can’t break down that lactose.

Are strawberry leaves toxic to cats?

Strawberry leaves, when consumed by cats, could cause digestive issues. Other than that, they can cause allergic reactions to your cat. Watch out for these symptoms that indicate a strawberry allergy:

  • Vomiting,
  • diarrhea
  • Blistering
  • Eye irritations
  • itching


Now you get the reason why your beloved cat can’t keep off that strawberry bowl in your kitchen. They love their sweet taste! The downward side is that strawberries lack adequate nutritional value. Cats are carnivores and need to be fed with proteins in their diet, nutrition that strawberries lack. Either way, giving it a slice of strawberry a day will make your cat feel SPECIAL!

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