How To Thaw Frozen Strawberries Properly

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Frozen strawberries are a delicious treat in those hot summer seasons, and there are numerous reasons why you should understand how to thaw frozen strawberries. For instance, you might have found yourself in a predicament where you needed some strawberries for your recipe, only to discover that you only got frozen strawberries in your space.

But what if you got no clue on how to thaw those strawberries? I know that feeling, frustrating! Right? Well, there are several ways you can quickly thaw those frozen strawberries and get that dish ready. So we are going to look at how to thaw frozen strawberries.

What is frozen strawberries?

Frozen strawberries are products from fresh strawberries that have been harvested, cleaned up, and then packed to be frozen. These frozen strawberries are packed either sliced or unsliced, and you can go for either of them depending on how you want to use them in your dishes.

Frozen strawberries are relatively as healthy as their fresh counterparts. However, their nutritional value depends on the type of strawberries you go for. The two main types available are the sweetened frozen strawberries and unsweetened frozen strawberries.

 The sweetened variety has additional sugars that might be too much in your diet. A cup of unsweetened strawberries has 10 g of natural sugars, while the sweetened frozen type has 47 g sugar, equivalent to 9 teaspoons of sugar. On the other hand, unsweetened frozen strawberries give the same benefits as fresh ones and help CONTROL the buildup of body fat.

However, these frozen strawberries might not be entirely as nutritious as the fresh ones. Why? Because some strawberries are picked before they fully ripen to prevent spoilage during transportation to distant locations. They experience some nutrient degradation during transport and a change in texture.

How to thaw frozen strawberries step by step

Frozen strawberries cannot be used in salads and garnishes. They need to be thawed first. They, however, do not need thawing if they are intended to be used in baked products.

Frozen strawberries might not taste like fresh ones, but they are not far from their taste anyway. So below are the different thawing methods and their step-by-step guide.

Using a microwave

A microwave is one appliance that will quickly thaw your frozen strawberries. It’s convenient when you are rushing. You will need to be keen, so you do not leave the strawberries there for long lest they start cooking.

Step-1: Place your frozen strawberries into a microwavable bowl carefully without layering one on top of another. Place a paper towel on the bowl before adding the strawberries.

Step-2: Set your microwave to defrost setting, add a microwavable bowl in the microwave, and leave it to sit for 2 minutes. If the strawberries will not have fully defrosted, repeat the process till they defrost.

Step-3: Remove the strawberries from the microwave once they defrost so that they do not start cooking. Perfectly thawed strawberries will still maintain their shape and will look frosted.

Step-4: After that, you can use them as desired.

In the refrigerator

This method is best if you’re not in a rush to use the frozen strawberries. by placing them in the refrigerator overnight, you will get well-thawed strawberries the following day.

Step-1: Retrieve your frozen strawberries from the freezer.

Step-2: Add the fruits to a bowl and put them in the refrigerator.

Step-3: Let the strawberry bowl sit overnight in the fridge.

Step-4: Check if they have thawed well in the morning, then use them as desired.


Using cold water is an effective method of thawing your frozen strawberries. You can choose to either submerge them in water or run cold water over them.

For submerged water method:

Step-1: Remove the fruits from the freezer and into a plastic bag(sealable)

Step-2: add water to a bowl and submerge the plastic bag into the water for up to 30 minutes.

Step-3: Keep changing the water in 15 minutes’ intervals till the strawberries defrost.

Defrosting under a running faucet:

Step-1: Take a container and add water until it fills.

Step-2: Place the bag with fruits into the container, then run the faucet.

Step-3: Let the water run over the bag. Keep moving it now and then so that all parts are exposed to the water.

How to defrost frozen strawberries quickly

There are different ways you can defrost your strawberries. Some are rather first, while others take up some time. For instance, you cannot defrost frozen strawberries in the refrigerator if you are in a hurry. That process will require 8-12 hours or so.

The microwave method can be used in those rush hours as it takes up just a little time for the strawberries to defrost. The only setback with this method is that you need extra caution on-time setting as too much time in the microwave cooks the strawberries.

The other quick method is running the strawberries under cold water. It’s pretty fast, but there is lots of water wasted to just get those strawberries defrosted.

How long are thawed strawberries good for?

Thawed strawberries can last up to 3 days upon opening. But the best option is to melt smaller portions at a time.  You can just break a section of the frozen and keep the rest frozen.

How to prepare frozen strawberries

The first thing to do with frozen strawberries is to thaw them either at room temperature or in the refrigerator to prevent any growth of bacteria. After they have defrosted, you should pat them dry using a paper towel. The thawed strawberries should be consumed within 72 hours under good storage conditions of not more than 200C. this will prevent the strawberries from spoiling since they are highly perishable fruits.

How to thaw frozen strawberries without them being mushy

Before thawing your frozen strawberries, it is necessary to first determine how you want to use your strawberries. You can thaw them in the refrigerator overnight; in the morning, your strawberries will have defrosted well without any sogginess in them.

You can also place your bag of strawberries on a colander and let running water run over them. It will take roughly 15 minutes for the strawberries to thaw. Leaving the strawberries submerged in cold water (while still in a plastic bag) is another excellent way of preventing mushiness in them. If strawberries are soaked directly in water without a plastic bag, they tend to get soggy and lose their flavor.

You can also leave the strawberries to sit for some time till they defrost. This prevents them from getting mushy.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

How long do thawed frozen strawberries last?

Thawed frozen strawberries can last up to 3 days if stored properly in the refrigerator. In the freezer, thawed frozen strawberries can last up to 6 months. It’s essential to store strawberries properly as they are perishable.

How long does it take to freeze strawberries?

Freezing strawberries takes the least time, but it mainly depends on the freezer you will be using. It can even take 6 hours for strawberries to properly freeze. But ideally,1- 4 hours is quite enough time.

How long do thawed strawberries last?

Thawed strawberries are more delicate than fresh ones. Fruits start degrading when thawed, and you should use your strawberries within 2-3 days.

Can you freeze strawberries and then thaw them?

You can freeze your strawberries if you won’t be needing them right away. Just make sure you consume them quickly after thawing so that they don’t tamper with the flavor of your food.


Having understood how to thaw frozen strawberries, I hope no more frustrations will occur when defrosting them. The three methods are pretty straightforward, and you can choose one that suits you best.

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