Chicken Francese vs Chicken Piccata: Which One Will Win Your Heart

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You might think you have chicken Francese and chicken piccata all figured out. But, do you really? Are you 100% certain that if someone put the two side by side, you would immediately know which one was which? If not, this article will help clear up any confusion and set the record straight on these two dishes that are so similar yet so different; they may as well be considered cousins rather than actual rivals.

What is chicken Francese?

chicken Francese look like

Chicken Francese is an Italian-American dish consisting of lightly battered chicken breasts cooked in butter and lemon sauce. Before cooking, the chicken is typically dipped in egg batter and coated with breadcrumbs. The end result is a delicious and tender entrée that can be served over rice, pasta, or vegetables. 

The main difference between Chicken Francese and Chicken Piccata is the type of sauce. Chicken Francese uses a buttery, lemony sauce, while Chicken Piccata uses a caper-studded, white wine-based sauce. Both dishes are generally topped with freshly chopped parsley for added flavor. The flavors of each dish also differ slightly, as Chicken Francese has more of a delicate, mild taste, while Chicken Piccata is bright and tangy due to the addition of capers. 

What is chicken piccata?

chicken piccata look like

Chicken Piccata is a classic Italian dish often served in restaurants and family meals. It is made with thin slices of chicken that are sautéed in butter or oil, then coated in a creamy lemon-butter sauce. The sauce usually has capers and parsley, giving it a bright and flavorful taste.

Chicken Piccata is incredibly easy to make, which is why it’s become a staple of Italian home cooking. All you need to do is season your chicken, brown it in butter or oil, then add the lemon-butter sauce and simmer until it’s cooked through. To finish it off, sprinkle on some capers and parsley, and you have a delicious dish that everyone will love!

No matter what type of meal you’re making, Chicken Piccata is sure to be a hit. C

Is Chicken Piccata the same as Chicken Francese?

When it comes to Italian cuisine, two popular dishes that often get confused with one another are chicken Francese and chicken piccata. While these two recipes may seem similar on the surface, some major differences between them can make or break your dining experience. 

The main difference between chicken Francese and chicken piccata lies in their preparation. Chicken Francese is usually a boneless, skinless chicken breast dipped in egg and flour, pan-fried until golden, and served with a lemon-butter sauce. On the other hand, chicken piccata is typically a boneless, skinless chicken breast pounded thin, dredged in egg and flour, and then sautéed in butter, white wine, and lemon juice. 

While the preparation of these two dishes may differ, they share some similarities. Both use a boneless, skinless chicken breast as the base and are often accompanied by a sauce made from lemon juice, butter, and sometimes wine. Additionally, they are both considered fast food, meaning they can be prepared quickly and don’t require too much time in the kitchen. 

Ultimately, the choice between chicken Francese vs. chicken piccata boils down to personal preference. While each dish offers its unique flavor, they both make delicious Italian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds!

Chicken Francese origin

Chicken Francese origin

The origin of Chicken Francese is shrouded in mystery. Some food historians believe it was invented in the 1950s by an Italian-American chef in New York City. Others speculate that it may have originated in the 1940s or earlier in the Tuscan city of Florence.

Chicken Francese has become a classic Italian-American dish regardless of its origin. The term Francese refers to the French-style preparation method used for the chicken – it is dredged in flour, dipped in egg wash, and lightly sautéed in butter and oil. This gives the dish a light and crispy coating, finishing with a lemon-butter sauce.

Unlike its Italian-American cousin, Chicken Piccata, Chicken Francese does not contain capers. Instead, it gets its delicious lemony flavor from fresh lemon juice and white wine. This combination makes it a bit lighter than traditional Chicken Piccata and pairs perfectly with a side of angel hair pasta. 

Overall, Chicken Francese is a delicious and easy dish to make at home. It’s perfect for a weeknight dinner or a special occasion meal. Give this classic Italian-American dish a try – you won’t regret it!

Chicken piccata origin

Chicken piccata origin

Chicken piccata is an Italian-American classic that has been delighting taste buds for generations. This flavorful and simple dish is believed to have originated in the city of Milan in the 19th century. The dish was likely inspired by a similar recipe called Cotoletta Alla Milanese, which uses veal instead of chicken.

Over the years, Italian immigrants in the US tweaked the recipe to use chicken instead of veal and to add some extra flavor. They also used capers and lemon juice to create the iconic tangy sauce we know and love today. The result was a delicious dish that has become an Italian-American favorite, especially when served with sides like angel hair pasta or roasted potatoes.

Chicken piccata is a bit more involved than chicken Francese, but the delicious flavors are worth the effort. The combination of chicken, butter, capers, and lemon juice creates a unique taste that will have you coming back for seconds (or thirds!). So if you’re looking for an elevated dish that will impress your guests, chicken piccata will pull the trick!

What to serve with chicken Francese

If you’re trying to decide between chicken Francese and chicken piccata, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of delicious side dishes to pair with either dish. Both chicken Francese and chicken piccata have similar flavor profiles but different textures.

When it comes to pairing side dishes with chicken Francese, you can’t go wrong with a light and refreshing salad. Try a classic Greek salad with a light vinaigrette or a spinach salad with dried cranberries, feta cheese, and walnuts. Or if you’re in the mood for something heartier, roasted vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, carrots, or potatoes make the perfect accompaniment.

What to serve with chicken piccata

For those who prefer chicken piccata, the possibilities are endless. For a classic Italian touch, serve your chicken piccata with roasted bell peppers, artichoke hearts, and capers. If you want something more substantial, try adding a side of creamy mashed potatoes, buttery pasta, or roasted mushrooms.

Whether you choose chicken Francese or chicken piccata, you can’t go wrong with side dishes. The combination of flavors will surely please even the pickiest of eaters. So get cooking and enjoy!

Chicken Francese vs. chicken piccata: Which is better?

Chicken Francese and chicken piccata are both delicious options for Italian-style chicken dishes. Both of these dishes involve coating chicken in a light egg batter and pan frying it, but the main difference between them lies in the sauce. 

Chicken Francese is made with white wine and lemon butter sauce. It is the more delicate of the two dishes and is often served with angel hair pasta or a simple side salad. This dish is ideal for a light meal or a special occasion. 

On the other hand, chicken piccata is made with a lemon-caper sauce. This tangy sauce adds a zesty flavor to the chicken, and it is usually served with starch, like mashed potatoes or risotto. Because of its bold flavors, chicken piccata can stand up to more robust accompaniments, making it perfect for a casual dinner party. 

So when it comes to deciding between chicken Francese vs. chicken piccata, it all depends on what kind of meal you’re looking for. If you’re after something lighter and more refined, go with chicken Francese. But if you’re seeking something heartier and more flavorful, then opt for chicken piccata.

Chicken Francese nutrition facts

Chicken Francese is mainly a proteinous food but contains a fair amount of potassium and carbs.

  • A 223-grams (1 cup) chicken Francese contains:
  • Calories: 356
  • Protein:31g
  • Total carbs: 10g
  • Potassium: 317mg
  • Sodium: 497mg
  • Total fat:19g
  • Cholesterol: 205mg.

Other trace nutrients include calcium and vitamins A & C.

Chicken piccata nutrition facts

A 135-grams (1 cup) chicken Francese contains:

  • Calories: 339
  • Protein:2g
  • Total carbs: 16.2g
  • Potassium: 217mg
  • Sodium: 415mg
  • Total fat:26g
  • Cholesterol: 83mg.

Other trace nutrients include calcium and vitamins A & C.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Chicken Francese and chicken Francaise?

Chicken Francese is an Italian-American dish made of egg-dipped chicken cutlets that are sautéed in a garlic-lemon butter sauce. On the other hand, chicken Francaise is a French dish made from egg-dipped chicken cutlets sautéed in white wine and lemon juice. Also, chicken Francese has a richer, more buttery taste, while chicken Francaise has a light, refreshing lemon flavor.

How would you describe Chicken Francese?

Chicken Francese is a classic Italian dish made with lightly floured chicken cutlets sautéed in a white wine, lemon, and butter sauce. It is usually served with pasta and a side of vegetables. The chicken is cooked to perfection, with the light coating of flour creating a flavorful, crispy outer layer. The lemon and butter sauce adds just the right amount of acidity and richness, making it a delicious yet simple dish.

Why is it called Chicken Francese?

The word Francese means French in Italian, and it is believed that this dish originated from the French cooking technique of frying chicken in butter. Chicken Francese thus loosely translates to French-style chicken.

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