Can Almond Milk Make Your Breasts Bigger?

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It’s no secret that many women are looking for tips and tricks to grow their breasts. After all, the majority of us feel like we are in a constant battle with gravity. There could be a dozen products that can enlarge your breast, but there has been a hype on almond milk doing the trick. So, can almond milk make your breasts bigger?

Almond milk is full of estrogen and vitamin E that play a role in enlarging your breasts. The healthy almond milk fats also help build breasts tissue, a reason why this milk is growing popular among women who love to grow big breasts. So this article will go into detail on whether almond milk can make your breasts bigger.

Can almond milk make your breasts bigger?

The issue of whether or not almond milk increases your breast size has received considerable attention amongst women. Some have argued that almond milk plays a role in enlarging your mammary glands, while many websites claim there is no evidence of the hype.

Further claims stated that the results are visible only when one takes at least 2 glasses of almond milk a day. There also have been other claims on incorporating other breast enlargement products together with almond milk for good results.

Well, almond milk contains phytoestrogen, which is a molecule derived from plants. When the phytoestrogen attaches itself to estrogen receptors, they mimic the estrogen hormone. This hormone is usually released in the puberty stage and plays a role in triggering breast growth.

The phytoestrogen, however, does have a less/weaker estrogen action than the estrogen hormone itself. Both the phytoestrogen have a similar effect on a woman’s body. Estrogen, just like phytoestrogen, is involved in breast growth and the growth of pubic hair.

Also, the chemical structure of the phytoestrogen is quite similar to estrogen.  The estrogen present in the body treats the phytoestrogen as estrogen upon entering our bodies. The phytoestrogen lignans are weaker and do not bind as well as estrogen hormone in the female body. So definitely, their effect on breast growth is much lesser. So we cannot conclude that almond milk can increase your breast size.

Almond milk and breast growth

There has been no evidence on whether almond milk can stimulate breast growth, even though some people believe it does. Perhaps it is due to the phytoestrogen that closely resembles the female estrogen.

However, phytoestrogen is much weaker in the human body. 25% of the phytoestrogen are isoflavones that behave like estrogen but are more dominant in soy milk. This amount is quite insignificant to trigger breast growth anyway.

There also have been some reports on the possibility of phytoestrogen stunting the growth of breasts. Why? Because the phytoestrogens tend to bind with estrogen receptors that block the stronger estrogen in the body, inhibiting breast growth. Also, almonds contain mostly water which, of course, can’t harm you in any way.

Does almond milk increase breast size?

You might have googled this query and found websites calling for drinking at least two cups of almond milk every day to enlarge breasts. Some people have reported a change in the volume of their breasts after drinking almond milk.

The same case was reported by persons who switched from having dairy milk to having almond milk. The results, however, are rather slow and need the patience to start noticing positive results. Breasts consist mainly of fats and liquids. The fats in almonds are especially necessary for breast growth. So if you deprive your body of essential fats, you will be doing harm to your body.

Almond milk has free esterified sterols, acylated steryl glycosides, and steryl glycoside that can enlarge your breasts when used for a long time. The milk, combined with some breast firming exercises and two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds, brings a change in your breast size and firmness.

After these exercises, you can have a healthy breakfast, including wheat bread, toast, and some peanut butter that’s loaded with fats for your breast growth. Incorporating this diet and almond milk can hasten the growth of muscles around your breasts.

How much milk do I need to drink to get bigger breasts?

A cup or two of almond milk can get the job done. If there’s no more almond milk left in-store, try out some soy milk. Taking one cup during breakfast and the other before bedtime is the best way to consume them. You can even add some little cinnamon to it.

Having some fennel in the afternoon can also change the size of breasts. Fennel is phytoestrogen-rich, just like almond milk, and including it in your diet works wonders.

Does yogurt increase breast size?

The size of your breast is mostly determined by genetics, but as one age or weight changes, there could be some significant change in the breast size. Although it has not been proven clinically, people believe that diet intake also plays a role in breast growth.

A woman who includes lots of dairy products in her diet might have a noticeable difference in breast size. Yogurt contains prolactin, a hormone that is released by the pituitary gland that stimulates breast development. Generally, 70% of dairy consumption accounts for estrogen in our bodies. Dairy products also contain progesterone.

Keep in mind that taking too much dairy products can increase breasts and weight gain. So although you will boast of a fuller chest, you will be dealing with a more fat build-up in other body parts.

Frequently asked questions

Can I drink almond milk while breastfeeding?

Almond milk is safe to be consumed during breastfeeding, but try to avoid the flavored and unsweetened varieties. It would even be best to make some homemade almond milk in the comfort of your home. But before that, it would be better to consult with the doctor before introducing the milk into your diet.

  • What foods should I eat for a fuller chest?

Some foods associated with enlarging your breast size include:

  • Soy
  • Tofu
  • Flax, sesame, fennel, and sunflower seeds
  • Apples


Although it is not very clear whether or not almond milk can increase breast size, you can benefit from tons of other advantages from consuming it. If you are looking to boosting your confidence by making your chest fuller, try adding other breast enlarging foods together with almond milk in your diet. All the best!

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