Is Asparagus a Stem or Root? | The Definitive Guide

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This article will go into the question, “Is asparagus a stem or root?” We’ll take a look at how deep asparagus roots go and what they do. We’ll also learn about the difference between an asparagus crown and a root. You may be interested to know that you can buy asparagus roots on Amazon, but it’s worth it to learn how to grow them from seedlings. Finally, we will touch on when to plant your asparagus plants for them to mature by harvest time.

Is asparagus a stem or a root?

Asparagus is a stem vegetable. This is simply because the plant stores energy in the stem, not in its roots. The stem is also the edible part of the vegetable, just like in kohlrabi. An example of a root vegetable would be a carrot, whereas potatoes fall under tubers (underground stem).

How deep do asparagus roots go?

Just as the root of any plant, asparagus will grow to a depth that has enough moisture and nutrients. You’ll need to consider this when planting it in your own garden.

The roots may even grow as deep as 10 feet. Once this perennial plant has established itself, it’ll continue bearing sweet stems for up to 30 years!

Asparagus roots and crown

Often, asparagus roots are referred to as crowns. This is because the plant has a bud from which new stems will grow and eventually become their own separate plants.

In the commercial world, the word crown refers to a one-year-old asparagus root. These crowns are usually grown into a full asparagus plant. Crowns can be obtained from nurseries or at your nearest garden center.

Essentially, the crown consists of rhizomes mixed with lateral roots and a rising fern. One might wonder, why go into all this trouble when you can raise asparagus from seeds?

Growing asparagus from seeds is not only challenging but also slow. Compared to propagating crowns, seeds will give you the first harvest one year after the crowns have been harvested.

When to plant asparagus roots

Plant your crowns in spring. This is when the ground can be readily worked on and about the same time when potatoes are typically planted.

If you have the seeds, you should still start them indoors in spring. After the 12-14 weeks of spring, you can set out the young seedlings.

Planting in the fall is also possible, but autumn planting will yield less. This is because the seeds and roots can’t take winter’s cold temps.

Where to buy asparagus roots

As mentioned earlier, these young plants are available at your local garden center or online through Amazon. If you’re not sure where to start, I’d suggest going online.

There are several sellers on Amazon that have asparagus plants available for purchase even in the wintertime. Whichever your preferred time, there are crowns and seeds on Amazon waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to grow asparagus from roots?

The growth time of an asparagus root can vary based on the conditions and your soil. As a general rule, you should expect around three years before harvesting anything! This means that if you’re starting with seeds, patience is vital. If this sounds like a lot of work, you can always look at another healthy and delicious vegetable: Brussel sprouts.

When to plant asparagus crowns?

The first rule to remember is that the growing season starts in spring; therefore, it’s best to plant your asparagus roots in early springtime. This way, they’ll have the time to grow and establish themselves in your garden before fall comes.

The other rule is to ensure the asparagus bed is mostly moist during the first growing season.

Finally, if possible, avoid any use of herbicides. Instead, weed the bed every now and then, and use a suitable vegetable fertilizer.


Altogether, asparagus is a stem vegetable that stores energy in the stem rather than its roots. This means it’s an edible part of the plant and not a root.

For planting, the crowns or young plants can be obtained from your local garden center or online through Amazon.

Planting your asparagus seeds is a great way to get started on growing this root vegetable. However, it’s essential to consider not only where to buy asparagus roots but also when to plant them.

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