How to Reheat Peach Cobbler in The Best 4 Ways

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When the weather starts turning chilly, it can be hard to resist eating some delicious peach cobbler. But who has time for baking a whole pie when you need comfort food now? The good news is that when it comes to how to reheat peach cobbler without having to bake it all over again, there’re many options.

I’ve also learned the best way to go about leftover peach cobbler in each instance, so you can have this dessert ready to eat as soon as possible. Hang in tight to find out.

What is Peach Cobbler?

Peach cobbler is a dessert that typically contains a biscuit or pie crust on the bottom, peach filling, and batter. It can also be covered with dumplings, especially in the UK and Australia, although they all seem to have crusty tops and bottoms.

Peach cobbler is a traditional summer dessert, with peaches being in season during the late spring to early autumn months. However, you can find this dish all year round as it often uses canned or frozen fruit instead of fresh produce, which makes it suitable for any time of year.

Cobbler looks more like crumble but should not be confused as such. It is a part of American and British cuisine.

In North America, there are several cobbler varieties, including grunts, pandowdy, and slumps. Typically, cobblers consist of a single fruit type and are named in reference to those fruits. You’ll often come by blueberry, blackberry, and peach cobblers.

In the US, there is another variety known as Betty. You may hear brown Betty in other areas, but it is actually a term for the dish.

In the UK and the Commonwealth, cobber is predominantly scone-topped. There are also both savory and sweet versions of cobbler. Apple, peach, and blackberry fillings are the most popular for the sweet type. Beef and mutton are used in savory versions.


Can you reheat the peach cobbler? If so, how?

You can reheat the peach cobbler in a variety of ways. As you can tell, there are many varieties of cobbler, so it should be no surprise that reheating peach cobbler is different for each recipe type. Below are the best ways to heat up your favorite peachy treat!

Reheating peach cobbler in the oven

The oven provides the best mechanics for reheating a peach cobbler. The air circulates around the dish and heats it evenly, making sure no spot is under-cooked or overcooked, just the same way that you prepared the peach cobbler.


  1. Set the oven to 250 degrees F and preheat it.
  2. Place the leftover cobble in an oven-safe bowl.
  3. Place the dish with the cobbler on the middle rack to reheat when the oven has attained the required temperature.
  4. If you are reheating a single serving, let the cobbler bake for 10 -20 minutes.
  5. If you are reheating an entire cobbler, the wait time should be 30 – 45 minutes.
  6. Once reheated, pace the cobbler on a serving platter or a cooling rack and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  7. Serve and enjoy.

Unlike other reheating methods requiring the cobbler to be taken out of the fridge a while before reheating, the oven-bake method is more of a set and forget it affair. You can reheat the cobbler fresh from the freezer.

Reheating peach cobbler in a microwave

The microwaves are great at heating up food quickly, but much of that heat doesn’t end up staying within your meal! Microwaves can often create a dry cobbler. The secret to getting it right is reheating in 30-seconds splits as you assess the condition of your treat.


  1. Remove cobbler from wrapping and place on microwavable plate
  2. Cover with wax paper or microwave-safe plastic wrap
  3. Heat on high for 30 seconds, then check to see if it is warm in the center
  4. If not, heat for another 15 seconds and check again
  5. Once the cobbler is sufficiently reheated, remove it from the microwave and enjoy with a scoop of ice cream!

Reheating peach cobbler in the microwave gets things done faster but at the risk of overheating the food.

As I mentioned earlier, I use the microwave in bursts of 30 seconds when reheating a single serving. Whenever I have to share the cobbler, I heat the entire cobbler in splits of 90 seconds.

Reheating peach cobbler in a slow cooker/pressure cooker

Most modern pressure cookers have a slow cook function. This makes absolute for a space-saving option for reheating peach cobbler. Set the cooker on low and heat it up for an hour or until the cobbler is hot.


  1. Place the frozen cobbler on a heatproof dish.
  2. Place a tin foil over the container to cover it. This is to prevent the steam in the cooking vessel from soaking up the cobbler.
  3. Add a little water into the pressure cooker until the bottom is fully covered. Do not put too much water to avoid some of it spilling over into the container with the cobbler.
  4. Carefully place the heatproof container in the pressure cooker and fix the latter’s lid.
  5. Turn the cooker’s heat to medium and let it cook for 5 minutes.
  6. Turn off the flame/power and let everything cool down before opening the pressure cooker.

Reheating a small portion of the cobbler, the steaming time should be 5 minutes. A full cobbler would need at least 10 minutes, twice longer.

Reheating peach cobbler over the stove

The most convenient way to reheat peach cobbler is over the stove.


  1. Coat the bottom of the pan or skillet with a tablespoon of butter and place it over a medium flame.
  2. Once the butter has melted, add the cobbler and turn down the heat to medium-low.
  3. Place a lid over the pan or skillet and let the cobbler heat up for a few minutes or until it’s heated through.
  4. Serve hot

This is a handy method whenever you’ve got just a small portion of cobbler to reheat.

How to tell if peach cobbler has gone bad

Peach cobbler goes bad within a short period if not stored properly. Still, it would not last forever, even in the freezer. If your cobbler has any of the following signs, it’s time to trash it:

  1. Mold

If your cobber has grown mold which manifests as black spots, it’s time to throw it away.

  • Off smell and taste

If the peach cobbler smells off or tastes sour, discard it immediately as these are signs of spoilage.

  • Onset of a brown tinge and mushy texture

Whenever the peaches seem to change color to brow, and the texture has become spongy, it’s time to chuck it out.

  • Past four days of storage

Peach cobbler has a shorter shelf life than most foods, and you should eat it within four days of purchase.

How to store peach cobbler

Storing peach cobbler in the fridge can last for up to four days and up to two months in the freezer.

To store peach cobbler in the fridge, follow the following steps:

  1. Cut up the peach cobbler into single-serving sizes.
  2. Leave the cobbler on the countertop to cool down.
  3. You can cover the plates in tin foil or transfer the cobbler to a Tupperware container.
  4. Once the cobbler is cooled, place it in the fridge.

Can you freeze peach cobbler? If so, how?

You can freeze peach cobbler and just about any other cobbler. The good thing about freezing cobbler is that you can freeze in single-serving sizes or the entire cobbler.

To store individual peach cobbler servings in the freezer, follow these steps:

  1. Leave the cut-up cobbler on the countertop to cool down.
  2. Place the cobbler in a large Ziploc bag or Tupperware container.
  3. Make sure to label and date the cobbler before placing it in the freezer.

To freeze the entire peach cobbler, follow these simple steps:

  1. Let the whole cobbler cool down completely on the counter and place it in a large freezer-safe container.
  2. Make sure to label and date the cobbler before placing it in the freezer.

The peach cobbler will last for up to 6 months in the freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze baked peach cobbler?

Yes, baked peach cobbler can last several months in the fridge. However, it is best to freeze the cobbler for up to six months.

Even so, the frozen peach cobbler has a different texture than fresh cobbler, so you might want to consider eating it as a dessert.

Can you freeze blackberry cobbler?

Yes! The process is the same for freezing blackberry cobbler as well. Ensure you thaw it out before serving.

Can you freeze blackberry cobbler?

Yes, it’s possible! Blackberry and peach cobbler can last several months in the fridge or freezer since both types of fruit are low-moisture fruits with high sugar content.

To freeze the peach cobbler, let it cool completely after baking. Then, place it in a freezer friendly container or bag. Ensure no air is trapped in the storage container or bag before freezing.

The frozen cobbler lasts for up to six months in the freezer. You will have to thaw it before eating in the fridge or on the counters.

How long does peach cobbler last in the fridge?

Peach cobbler will stay fresh for about four days in the fridge.

Do you eat peach cobbler hot or cold?

Most people prefer to eat peach cobbler, either cold or at room temperature. However, peach cobbler is also good heated up in the microwave or oven.


There you go – that’s all you need to know about reheating peach cobbler! We’ve got you covered whether you’re using the oven, microwave, slow cooker, or stove. And don’t forget – you can also freeze peach cobbler for half a year! Enjoy!

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